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Having a lot of trouble trying to contact anyone from Jagex, didn't realize how hard that was. I won an auction on the Gameblast website however I do not have an address in the UK, and my address is currently an APO address in South Korea (I am US Navy). Contacted the RS team on eBay with no response.

Would appreciate some help in figuring out how I can pay the auction I won. No shipping is required as it is a digital item, but still eBay is showing the seller doesn't accept payments from my address.

Thanks in advance!



24-Feb-2018 12:16:49



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Hey skauwfe,

if I understand it correctly you're on a military line, not a local korean? A proxy always worked for me when I was stationed abroad.

Alternativly, no family or buddies in the U.S. that you can ask to transfer the funds?

If all of that isn't an option, maybe try contacting Jagex via reddit or twitter, they seem to be more responsive over those platforms.

Here is something I dug out that Mod JD wrote on that topic, maybe ping him:

Hope that helped!
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24-Feb-2018 16:11:47

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problem still exists, I did get ahold of Mod JD on reddit and said he would ping Mod Meadows about it on Monday. eBay is telling me I have 1 more day to pay or they will open an unpaid item case against me.

Its not a problem of not being able to pay, I could pay Jagex just doesnt include shipping costs to my location so eBay wont let me complete the purchase. No shipping costs required for a digital item so hopefully this gets resolved sooner than later.

26-Feb-2018 09:31:33

Mod Meadows

Mod Meadows

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Hey mate,

I'm in charge of the eBay Auction, and I'm currently shifting through all of the emails! Don't worry I'm getting through it all - sorry it's just taken so long. I was absolutely dead after GameBlast and spent most of Saturday and Sunday sleeping!

Will get this done for you ASAP.

Thanks for your patience on this,

Mod Meadows.
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26-Feb-2018 14:35:41

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