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Hey guys!
I know this thread isn't for everyone but I wanted to put it out there.

You've all heard of FASHIONSCAPE!!

Well, for the past 2 years I've been hosting fashion shows and people
really seem to enjoy them. It's fun, exciting, and profitable for those
who try.

These shows aren't just something you can look nice, or be rich
and win either. Over the years it's been developing and becoming
more complex for the fairness of all players.

So if you are interested in attending the fashion shows, this is how you
will be scored.

= 3 (per 10 people) max of 6 judges.

= Mudskipper Island, Varrock East Church, and Duel arena (up top)


= 33% of score, and is based on color blending (medium detail, for fairness) and creativity!

= 33% of score. With walking, you are expected to walk smoothly by Pre-clicking as you walk up the isle, around the altar, and face the judges. If you stop in place, you will lose points. Smooth walking is key for a good rank here.

Emote and personality
= 33% of score. This doesn't mean blabbing, there's not much talking. Your emote of choice when facing the judges is important for them to depict a personality. If you make them laugh, that's good. If they think you are adorable, also good. So choose your emote well! And keep your words short ^^

Now if you don't want to attend these fashion shows that's fine!! Everyone is welcome to join the FC for fashion advice or if they need help finding outfits. This is an FC for all fashionscapers!!!

Fc name is Fashion Fc and everyone is welcome
I hope everyone who loves fashion will stop by and chat :) all boys and girls welcome!!!

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