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Greetings! In August we revealed the finalists for our SGS Competition. We were delighted to have received so many wonderful entries and want to again offer our huge appreciation for everyone who submitted something. Big thanks also to everyone who voted on the five finalists.

Voting is now closed and … (drumroll) … we’re delighted to announce the winner!

1stBest Pud PudParty Wyvern
2ndDaliaFairy Drake
3rdDaliaHead Scarf & Hairstyles
4thGunnurChic & Dapper
5thManksDay of the Dead Muncher

Congratulations to Best Pud Pud – just like our players, we loved your Party Wyvern design!

As we said back in August, the tiny caveat here is that Best Pud Pud's ambitious idea leaves us with a bit of thinking to do about how we implement it into the game, given the limitations of our current systems. It may even be that we look to introduce one of the runner-up designs first, with a view to doing the Party Wyvern design justice later down the line when improved tech is available. We’ll update you on this as and when we know.

Massive thanks again to absolutely everyone who has taken part in this process. We’re already really looking forward to the next RuneScape design competition!

26-Oct-2018 11:06:34

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Thank you everyone who supported my designs and thank you Jagex for picking them!

As silly as it may be, I always wanted to design a pet for Runescape, I had submitted prolly dozens of designs on twitter and DeviantART, so I am thrilled that one will be making it into the game eventually!

I loved all of the finalists so I am looking forward to seeing all of these designs eventually! Good work everyone!


05-Nov-2018 15:54:39

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