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Ok, first, why does Diango ask about a scythe? That must be for an old promotion or something else - maybe the Halloween event with the grim reaper hood? That's the one that you can only put in numbers for, and it's confusing.

I did finally get it to work, but you can't talk to Diango like it says in the news post WIN a Gaming Laptop & Life-Sized Dragon Claws!. You have to right-click on him and select Redeem code

You can tell you entered it correctly, because you get a
Summer sweepstake 2016 ticket
in your inventory. In the screen that displays the code, it does say visit Diango rather than talk, but that should be made more clear in both places - maybe mention Redeem code somewhere
besides in the FAQ, and then using the words directly together

Edit: I did notice that the post at the top of this thread says Redeem the code, so I added the words in

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I sent the competition link via email to a friend so I'd get a couple more entries, but didn't receive any acknowledgement that I had been awarded the bonus entries.

I went ahead and entered a couple more times anyway (as I'd earned them according to the rules), so I'd just like to know I won't be disqualified for submitting too many entries?
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Well, it doesn't let me click on "Continue" on the Facebook page, considering I've liked you guys in the past. I've unliked and liked but I can't continue to enter my info. Wish I can join the sweepstakes.

17-Jun-2016 21:57:27

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This competition has finished, and a winner has been chosen. Remember to check your in-game inboxes and your emails! Good luck!
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