No boots or xp from Sköll

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Mizz Kitty21

Mizz Kitty21

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I haven't had a chance to complete the wolf-brothers before yesterday, and I did Hati with no problems, but for some reason after defeating Sköll I only got Eir's spear and no boots...

I have used up the past bonus xp a long time ago, and I made sure I didn't have the boots in my bank. I even retrieved them from Django and destroyed them again, to be sure.

Now I have completed my third go at Sköll, and I still only get a spear and nothing else... Have anybody else experienced this, and knows what could be wrong?

(also looking to trade a spear for a Helm)

15-Feb-2015 09:06:55

Dark Nerd

Dark Nerd

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The exp rewarding items are not a guaranteed drop sadly... I've had to help a few lower lvls bash em' to get their drops. Out of about 30 kills I've had about 5 boots drop, so just stick with it and you'll get em =)
What? You looked... wow you just like to spoil stuff eh!

16-Feb-2015 02:31:37

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