E.O.C. Pking Tournament

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Starting July 5th, there will be an E.O.C. pking tournament. This competition is open to anyone. If you are interested in joining please reply to this thread with your in-game name, combat level and combat style that you want to use. P.M. me in-game and I can provide you with more details. Please let me know a couple days before the start if you'd like to be in it. Name changes must be noted to us. Entry Fee to join the tournament is 1.5m, this will go straight to the pot. Donations are accepted and greatly appreciated and go directly to the pot. The tournament is single elimination until only one person remains unbeaten. Tournament will take place at the duel arena, during the first rounds you will be matched up accordingly and as best we can based on the combat style of your choosing. If you advance, your style may have to be changed in order to keep fights fair and avoid combat triangling. If you are interested in watching but not competing in the tournament, it will be covered by Still Speedy on his Youtube channel or you are welcome to come watch at the duel arena, join my Friend's Chat channel on the starting date to learn more. Please support this thread if you like the idea as I am hoping to have many more tournaments, including one for pures and one for legacy pking.

PrizesPrizes will be based on how large the pot is (pot is determined by how many contestants)
First Place: 50% of pot
Seconnd Place: 30% of pot
Third Place: 20% of pot

RulesBreaking any of the below rules will result in being disqualified and ineligible for the prizes
No shielding
Keep running to a minimum (moving on a bleed is alright, but no running combos, ex. Snipes/Tendrils)
No protection prayers
Banned items: Gorajian Mushroom, Numbing Roots, Shields of any kind (shieldbows and defenders included), Auras of any kind, Portents of any kind, Augmented armours
Note: Augmented weapons are allowed

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B l i nk

B l i nk

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Current Contestants
White Boots
Still Moist
Newt N00b
Of Araxxor
Snack Foods
Killer Dean
Have Tea
Caleb xd
Me Nuh Care
Andrew x40

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Sorry guys, but the tournament will have to be rescheduled due to too many contestants not being able to compete the week of July 4th. The plan is to do the tournament soon and hopefully we will be able to find a day that everyone can compete. Thank you fro the cooperation and take care! :)

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