Spooky Senses! (for RS3/OSRS)

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To Be Human

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During this Autumn month, up to and right after Halloween
I have a particular hunch that everything is fresh and clean

So to celebrate here's my treat, but absolutely no tricks
And you won't cheat, otherwise no gp fix:
A competition to award your creative mind

One that only stops after it has a unique find
Carefully form an idea or be spontaneous, heaven-sent
Have it here by October 31st, the end of my event

Create a sense here or here (my sense thread.) It can be anything that you can imagine, really. Please have at least 2 paragraphs detailing what your sense does and how it affects yourself, other people and the environment. Or a combination of any factors!

Make sure the sense is original and, if applicable, set apart from popular superpowers by having limits

As in title, this event is available to players in both games. I will give the best 3 Osrs posts and the best 3 Rs3 posts [insert almost-absurd amount of gp] each. You may submit a total of 2 senses, one for osrs and one for rs3, if you do so desire!

Prizes will not scale from game to game. I give what I can afford

Even though it has little chance of happening, please do not use more than one account to gain an unfair advantage.

Official start: 20th September. End: 31st October

Good luck and enjoy!
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