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I'm not even sure where the "event" is! I teleported to "it", and that brought me to the GE. There was a cabinet with options to tele to a "player owned port", or "deep sea fishing". Both were greyed out, probably because I am only f2p.

So I asked a mod who happened to be by the GE, "Is the 2018 Christmas Event P2P only", and he/she answered, "Not as far as I know".

So I read the announcement, and thought it might mean that I would get double xp for fishing, and THAT was the event. But I didn't get extra XP when I tried, and the players at the dock had no idea what I was talking about.

So I admit I'm clueless... what is the actual event? Where is it? Is it p2p only? Thanks...

09-Dec-2018 15:24:41

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This thread was regarding last year's update. This year's Christmas festivities will begin with next week's update, which includes a new quest, Violet is Blue. You can read more in The Month Ahead.

To avoid confusion, this thread is now closed, as it isn't for something current ingame any longer.

10-Dec-2018 17:34:09

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