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Look a company only runs these things for there own gain in the end by them sponging us for more money and then donating it to charity there lowering there own corporate tax.

As admirable as it is to donate to charity i would rather not do it at the benefit of a company i already pay money for membership for lol

23-Feb-2018 18:22:54



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Yeah, yeah. I'm not throwing any money at this crap just for a minute boost to exp gains. I find it's ridiculous that I have to be expected to give when Jagex already stuffs lootboxes and gambling into a game with a monthly subscription. Mods love to abuse their power!

23-Feb-2018 21:46:36

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I watched stream too, but I missed/never got Gameblast 2018 item too. Do we have ability still get it? Thank you very much, if we still get it! One day at the future I hope to reach maxed xp..

25-Feb-2018 10:44:46



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Gameblast 18 was pretty cool. I did purchase 2 packages and believe I found what I was supposed to receive. What I do not see is a Tunic I was supposed to receive for "Just tuning in". I'm I wrong, did I read that incorrectly?

26-Feb-2018 05:40:08

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