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Mod Jon

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For this Silver competition I'm going to ask you to
design your own forum competition

What you need to do, is put yourself in our shoes and tell us what competition you would host on the forums (and what prize the winners would get).

- 7 days membership
- 200 RuneCoins
- Bonus XP Lamp
- Signed Artwork

*Terms and Conditions
*Keep your idea to one post only - posts that span more than one will be discounted.
*This competition will close at 10:00 on 29th July
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A code has been edited into a random JMod post in the forums. This post could be a few years old.

Forumers are given a riddle. With this riddle they are required to track down the appropriate forum, the appropriate thread and the appropriate page number which will in turn lead them to the appropriate post which contains the special (not easy to guess) code/word/phrase.

Prizes: week membs and maybe some old RS themed artwork. Maybe even a temporary forum title "the decipherer" or some other forum-related title.

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There should be a "The day in the life of a Runescaper" Competition.

Rules simple: Just tell us what you do in a normal day on Runescape in less than 2000 characters.

Reward: 7 Days membership and forum bragging rights to the victor.
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Take screenshots (about 5-10 or so) of ingame places like a city or a random location and alter the image slightly like adding an object to make it different.

Then post the screenshots on the forums and ask the players the location of the screenshot and what has been altered in it (must be something subtle).

It would make players go to the location of the image to check for clues on what is wrong with the picture :p.
The contents of every post have to be hidden and if more than one player got all of them right it, select a player fairly randomly from the pool of the ones who did it to select the winner.

- A new animation for when you check the world map (since the images can be from anywhere on gielinor :P)
- 200 RuneCoins
- A Runescape bond
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Competition style

Dress yourself as your favourite minion and add a creative discription to your print screen shot

The most creative style + discription wins!

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200 runecoins

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Forum competition: Tell us your favorite forum section and why in under 2000 characters.

Example: I like the Item Discussion forums because there Nex armours and Spirit shields are price checked by Nex and SS.

Rewards: 7 days of membership + an article/interview of you placed in your favorite forum for 1 week/day.
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This one could end up being a bit spammy, but it's all for fun :D

Forum Competition: Keyboard Artist - The challenge of the forumers, if they choose to accept it, is to make the best Ascii/Keyboard art that they can in one forum post. The art produced has to be related to the theme of "New players", so you could try to re-create Lumbridge Castle, a goblin or a bronze dagger or any other thing you can come up with. Of course, perfection would be very difficult to achieve but it would be great to see how skilled players are with their keyboards :p.

1 week membership, A thread stickied in General with your creation being the first post (Possibly a thread for others to try their hand at ascii art as well?), and of course, some signed artwork.

Example: A party hat :D
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Mz Catie B

Mz Catie B

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Design a God Quest Competition

- Must include at least one existing god (of your choice)
- Must be Lore friendly
- Must be player friendly (no end game boss mechanics (insta kill, team boss .ext)

Points will be awarded for:
- Being Lore friendly
- Fun appeal (enjoyable puzzles/boss mechanics ext)
- Creative Designs (Map area/ Creatures/ Rewards .ext)

Submission styles:
- Storyboard/ Comic book .ext
- Text based (Novel, short story .ext)

- 14 days membership
- 400 RuneCoins
- Bonus XP Lamp
- Signed Artwork
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I imagine a funny and creative forum competition based around a few of the subforums here on the RuneScape forums. The competition would be based around posting in a few of the subforums, in a certain JMod created thread in each subforum, themed around that subforum. For the suggestions forum this thread could focus around a new piece of content relating to a recent game update, for the ninja forum a ninja fix, for the RS lore forum a certain lore related theory etc.

Once a post has been made in each JMod thread the best suggestions would be picked, and a winner would be chosen based on the best/funniest overall suggestions and posts.

To make sure it wouldn't be too much to administrate maybe just three or four subforums would be chosen.

The winner would recieve:

- Signed concept art
- 1k runecoins
- Three weeks membership
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Bake Me a Cake competition.

The rules are simple:
-You bake a cake and send it to me.
-The tastiest cake wins.
-The cake mustn't contain posion of any kind.
-All JaGeX canteen rules apply.

-Signed concept art (most likely a tuna drawn in MS Paint with my horrible hand written signature on it)
-I will add you to my friends list.
-You will enjoy the privelege of being my personal cook for the rest of your life.

Remember that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Good luck, everyone.

28-Jul-2015 13:38:20

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