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Damon Wayans

Damon Wayans

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Really hoping this is a good way to get in touch, I'm a 3rd year Sound Engineering student & long time player of both games, I have a university assignment in which I have to analyse and compare the role of Sound Engineers and Designers in other industries to their counterparts in the Music industry. I understand that Jagex is an extremely busy team but If it's possible, Is there anyway I could speak to a Mod from the audio team? As their insight and experience would be incredibly helpful to me with this assignment.


Why did you get into the Games industry?

What is the role of a Sound Engineer/Designer in this industry?

What makes the job unique and unlike any other industry?

Which skills you've learned in the Games industry can be employed in another sound related industry? I.E TV, Live Sound, Forensic Audio?

What skills are unique to only the Games industry?

Are there any shortfalls? things you want to do within sound, that are unnecessary in this industry?

Could you weigh up the pros and cons in your opinion of being a Sound Engineer/Designer in the Games industry vs the Music industry?

Do you see any trends that suggest there are more availabilities/job for Sound Engineers/Designers in the Games industry than Music?

Is there more Job Security in Games than in Music?

Do Engineers/Designers in Games receive royalties? I.E a point system?

How much creative control does the average Engineer/Designer have over what they are working on?

What is the structure/workflow of the average project?

Can you give an example of a major responsibility you had on such a project?

Can you give an example of a obstacle you overcame during such a project?

Do you use any specialised hard/software, only employed in Games?

How big is the average Audio team for a Game studio?

Are there different roles for skill set or does everyone contribute?

Do you have a formal education in music? do Games studios consider it necessary?

Teams Runefest involvement?

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