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Connor 1996

Connor 1996

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I'd be honored to come along, i only live in Hertfordshire so it wouldn't take me too long to get there and as a 12 year player i would love to actually get involved with something in person that is on topic with Runescape! I've also never actually attending any of these before so it would be a fantastic first time experience!

It's also my birthday on the 22nd so this could be a great 'late' birthday present for me :P

However if i don't get picked then i hope everyone who goes enjoys themselves and has a 'blast' ...get it? :P
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It would be fantastic to have the chance to join Jagex for the 24 hour GameBlast stream. A few of my friends have been invited in the past and said it was a blast! (pun intended)

@Kalaya How far in advance would we be notified if you've invited us?
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I'd love to come to Gameblast. Like many players, I've always wanted to go to Jagex. Especially as I don't live that far away.

To play alongside fellow scapers, creators would be great. Whilst raising money for an excellent cause at the same time. I've been really pleased that Jagex has been supporting Gameblast and Special Effect for many years now.

Thanks! :D

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Now this sounds like something I'd be up for, ~24 hours of PvM for Invention with profits going in The Well, and a possibly to change to challenge a few Jagex people at Smash Bros? Count me in.

(If it helps at all, I only live a few miles down the road...)

08-Feb-2016 11:29:34

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I'd love to attend GameBlast! :D

My friends went last year and I heard it was amazing and would be great fun to catch up with everyone. ^_^
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Hi there!

I'd love to attend!

I especially love the competitions that go on there as well as playing in the atrium alongside other fellow scapers.

It's great to meet new people that turn out to be great friends.


08-Feb-2016 12:25:25

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