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Who : Mod Mark's FC vs Mod Shauny's FC (You decide which one to fight for)
What : Castle Wars
When : January 12
Time : 15:00 Game time
World : 23

Come out and join us for an awesome time at Castle Wars!

Go W00ters :D
"It doesn't matter what you've heard, impossible is not a word, it's just a reason, for someone not to try"

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I can't say for sure who I'm for, nostalgia from Mark's or the lovely people from Shauny's~~~ Don't make me choose ;-;!

Just kidding ;)

08-Jan-2016 22:58:57

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Hi pure-blackns and welcome to the forums.

If an account has been removed from the game then it will not be unbanned. It is not possible to purchase access back to an account. Appeals for bans aren't something that can be taken from the forums.

Your post here has been hidden as it is off topic to this thread. It also contained your email address within it, which has been hidden for your privacy. These forums are public and can be read by anyone, and as such it is best that private contact information is not posted on them.

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queridos amigos queria saber uma coisa, para receber uma proposta para se tornar um moderador vem uma mensagem da Jagex ou vem um jogador dentro do jogo te convidando para ser MOD, porque isso aconteceu comigo e eu não fiquei contente *** isso, mais eu saquei que isso não era nenhuma proposta e sim um jogador que estava *** mal inten**es, pois ele nem se quer tinha uma coroa de moderador para mostrar fiel con*iança aos jogadores! mais queria mesmo só saber como vem a propostas aos jogadores do runescaspe? desde já obrigado

17-Jan-2016 02:26:39

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Arrow Flash said:

Hi there,

I took the liberty of putting your message through a translator because I don't speak Portuguese. :p
The person who supposedly invited you to become a moderator is a phisher who wants your account details as you presumably noticed - the real invitations are sent to your message centre inbox. You can look at your messages by going to 'Account' at the top-right of the page (or the Portuguese equivalent of course) and logging into your account. Then there'll be a message section where you can check if you received any messages. There should also be a little envelope at the top-right corner in the login Lobby which would have a number in red indicating if you have mail or not.

Also, at the bottom-right of this page is a flag - if you select the Brazilian flag you'll have Portuguese forums, they'll be able to help you in your own native language. :)

17-Jan-2016 09:00:51

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