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Tomorrow, Wednesday the 27th at 1200 noon EST, I and the Carnival clan will be hosting the TzHaar Fight Pit in world 70!

It's weapons only! So leave your armor behind, only cosmetic overrides will be allowed.

The event should last about 2 hours, meet in the Karamja Volcano if you are familiar. If you're not sure where to go, Lodestone to Port Sarim and you can come on my private charter. (30 GP per rider) :P

This minigame is SAFE!

26-Jul-2016 15:08:13

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Oh, hi Avi! Sounds like fun, I'll try to make it :)

And do you mean 12:00 noon EDT? We're on daylight savings right now--for example, the timezone in Los Angeles is currently PDT, which is 3 hours behind EDT. But PDT is 4 hours behind EST :P

(What would be the game time, or GMT aka Greenwich Mean Time, conversion be?)
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26-Jul-2016 23:45:49

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