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27-Feb-2018 02:43:51

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"No giveaway-only threads are allowed here. This means no drop parties or in-game giveaways in this forum."
Hey dere minna-san (everybody)
From your friend,

28-Feb-2018 01:16:48

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Hiya CyrusOwns and welcome to the forums. :)

Though your intentions here are good, these kinds of threads aren't permitted on the forums; per the Forum Specific Rules for Events, giveaway style threads aren't ones that are permitted. In the past, there were many issues with giveaways ending either in scams or not resulting in the items actually being given away, hence the decision was made not to host them on the forums any longer.

That does mean this thread cannot continue in its current state, and has been closed.

You are more than welcome to give away items ingame, but those giveaways cannot be advertised on the forums.

28-Feb-2018 02:16:35

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