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Hey all,

To play RuneScape Mobile, your device will need to meet these minimum specifications. Trying to play the game with a device that doesn't meet these requirements can lead to frequent performance issues.


Your device requires at least:
* Android 5.0 (lollipop) or later.
* 2GB RAM.
* OpenGL ES3.

Otherwise, here is a list of some of the known issues for this playtest:

* If your app freezes for a long period on the loading screen, then your app may be out of date and unable to connect to the game server. Visit the app store to get the latest version. A forthcoming app update will resolve this issue.

* Loss of data connection during boot or a system update may cause the app to become unresponsive. This can be fixed by restarting.

* If you experience the game locking up or crashing, reducing draw distance and disabling textures can improve stability.

* Some combat tutorials cannot be completed (such as Lumbridge Combat Academy).

* Occasionally taps on the interface will not be registered.

* On newer devices, tapping may be slightly offset, which can affect input of Bank PIN and closing UI windows. This can be resolved by enabling Full Screen in Settings > Display > Full Screen Apps. A forthcoming app update will resolve this issue.

* UI layouts, interactions and font size are still work in progress, in particular those in minigames.

* Certain boss health bars and other stat displays can overlap the chat window.

* If you experience issues moving items onto the action buttons, toggle the action bar lock (hold over combat settings).

* Large amounts of particle effects can cause performance issues.
If you encounter any more issues feel free to post them in here :)
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