E&S should require DragonForge

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Rikornak said:
Big Storms said:
I mean my default reaction would definitely be support, being a lorehound and liking the consistency.
Though I must say that I am biased (as are probably many other that posted here) since I have unlocked the dragon Forge, which is gated behind WGS (the crystal and imcando pickaxe are not to my knowledge).

So it is rather easy for us to ask to make the E&S only smithable at the dragon forge, having nothing to lose from it, while it locks out many other players. Regardless, there are more imbalances to the pickaxe tiering system which I have explained in my thread.

Well Imcando needs Birthright of the Dwarves and Crystal needs Plague's End - which obviously also are two grandmaster quests. Is it really an issue if the combination of both needs another one?

From my point of view not at all: it is the end tier pickaxe after all. But all previous posts did not seem to take this into account, while I think it is important to mention. And again I'll reiterate that I am biased toward support anyway, having completed these quests thus having nothing to lose.

Edit: nevermind, the blast fusion hammer can only be bought after WGS anyway, so WGS is a requirement already.

In other words, there is no reason to not have the dragonkin forge be the place where you smith the pickaxe of E&S. Full support.
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Hidden Relic said:
Serene Steel said:
Jodeceii said:
Support - not only this but I thought Orikalkum was the formal name for Dragon armoury & weaponry.. so it'd make sense if it was specific to the dragon forge also with the Blast Fusion Hammer wouldn't it?

Lorewise, Orikalkum is the more plain metal version.
Dragon armor is layered with dragonkin magics and enchantments.

Ya, Orikalkum is to Dragon armor what Necronium is to Barrows armor.

Orikalkum and Necrite are the "dragon" and "barrows" armor in its raw form. There was a much more intense refining process used to create Dragon, and Barrows armor was enchanted Necrite.

14-Nov-2018 23:13:05

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It's actually not a significant bend to lore.

Originally, the Imcando Pickaxe was going to be assembled using a blast fusion hammer as well (though not the dragon forge). This was changed because the blast fusion hammer needed While Guthix Sleeps. In its place, however, a player would need to pay Thurgo 1M and a redberry pie to assemble the pick with the implication that the 1M was used to buy a blast fusion hammer to assemble the pick.

Given the state of the Dragon Forge when we find it (which can be after Thurgo makes a player an Imcando Pickaxe), it is safe to say (under the implied usage of a blast fusion hammer) that the blast fusion hammer is capable of working dragon metal (to a degree) outside of the dragon forge (and, as far as I am aware, there's nothing in lore that says the Sacred Forge can work dragon metal any better than a regular forge as its only special quality is causing visions and giving information).

Acknowledging that, I wouldn't be opposed to using the dragon forge. I'm just saying that it doesn't break the lore by not using it.

18-Nov-2018 01:57:36

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Massive support!

Seeing as elder rune +5 gives the same mining bonus sans augmentability, I see nothing in the way of having the E&S made at the dragon forge. You already need Bot* for the Imcando pickaxe, Prif for the crystal pickaxe, and WGS for the hammer - you've done a BUNCH of quests to be able to make it, why not revisit an iconic, smithing-related location one last time to make the best pickaxe in game?
EDIT: Please also give it a bit more flavoured examine text than: "Used for mining."

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