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Itnachos11 said:
Blackwing said:
Itnachos11 said:
Blackwing said:
Well now, you guys didn't lie when you said you traded patch notes in for mobile stuff... question is, why? With all that capital, one'd think that such a trade-in isn't necessary.

imagine having to complain every week because they're not adding tons of new content...imagine thinking that new things have to be added every week, even

We're 8 weeks in a row now without meaningful new content, so how many more weeks are you going to excuse them for?

I'm fine not getting a bunch of new stuff every week. i'm fine with weeks off even. we dont need new stuff all the time.

I disagree, we do need at least 3 meaningful updates a month IMO. Not everything has to be WGS-size of course, but I'd expect, in any month, one quest (can be small or large), some fixes/updates to existing content, and a new minigame/D&D/skill thing/combat thing at least.

I blame that 'scrum' structure; before it was introduced, many more updates were being developed per unit time. :/ Last week's no-update week at least had a bunch of patch notes, this week doesn't. But I am willing to count the Burthorpe/Taverley update as a small update since it's actually quite a big deal for the starting game. But after a drought of almost two months, it's...lacklustre.
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