Patch Notes - 09/09

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I can't deny I'm a bit sad that the overall direction of this game has shifted from PvP to PvM ever since EoC, but it is what it is.

Skilling, on the other hand, has always been lacking. As evidenced by GotE's jaw-dropping, overwhelmingly common loot of (1x) uncut diamond, which make even the dreaded stone spirits from Slayer and bosses look relatively desirable. That being said, not everyone has a dedicated gaming computer and/or fiber-optic internet, so expecting them to compete with people who do have those luxuries is nothing short of ridiculous.
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13-Sep-2019 13:10:35

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Extra unusable fragments for Elite Skilling Outfits that are already completed are now removed.

This is a lie, completed my WC oufit via LootScape they arn't going away, I still get some when woodcutting.

pls don't delete my fragments.
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14-Sep-2019 05:15:53

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