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- Jan '18 -

Hi everyone, I wanted to post about my first month in RS. This is my first ever month in game and I wanted to know what you all thought of my play so far. Also, any tips/goals for the near future?

Total Level - 1202
Combat Level - 72
Quest Points - 91
Highest Skill - 76 Firemaking
Lowest Skill - 31 Farming (not counting Invention, for the purpose that I can't start it yet.)

Note worthy notes;

- Joined a clan, made it to 3x fealty
- Unlocked the Arc, even though I don't think I can skill there yet
- Unlocked Menaphos / Canifis

Known goals;

- Strive for a "99", haven't decided what skill yet
- Complete all easy tasks
- Complete all novice quests

What else should I be making as a near/mid term goal?

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