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So, I constantly feel like I can't progress due to a lack of funds in game. The only major money I have made was from a treasure trails and received a barrows dye which I sold and allowed me to get to 95 prayer which was great! I was also able to buy Drygore weapons too but stuck with bandos and the equivalent range/magic armour. My magic staff is the Armadyl staff as anything after this point is too expensive and yet I have 99 magic - this also holds true for Range where I am using the crystal bow and yet having 99 range.

Anyway, I would love to get my summoning (which is currently 80) to 96 for pak-yak, 96 herblore (currently 76) for overloads, 90 smithing (currently 80) for attuned crystal bow and tetsu armour but I cannot seem to make a great deal of money for any of these things. I enjoy doing combat/slayer so I spend most of my time doing this which collects a bit of money but not nearly enough for the money required for the highlighted stats.

It's frustrating because I have almost maxed out attack, I have 99 strength, 94 defence and 99 constitution too so it feels as though I've taken the slow root by not being able to afford the better gear.

Is there anything I am missing in-game that is an obvious money maker or am I skilling wrong? I've attempted to flip with no success, I can never work out what items will sell and buy.

Hopefully someone can enlighten me on what I am doing wrong


GiocoConDave :)

11-May-2016 19:04:20

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frost dragons or qbd bro both good money do this till u can afford a mha then u should make enough to get the off hand then focus of overloads after thats use void for armor and u will be able to do high teir bossing to make big gains

11-May-2016 20:14:18



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Thanks guys, I really appreciated the advise - I will definitely check this all out! I was doing frost dragons before actually, but I stopped because I realised that without yak or overloads I wasn't getting the full amount from it but I'll have to give it another go. would you say mha over Noxious bow or shall I aim for that much later on?

I never thought of using void, the defense bonus is awful though so that could be a worry. With soul split on I guess it wouldn't be too bad.

I'm not sure what it is but I've never been able to do QBD which is crazy, I die so quickly!

Anyway, thanks again!

11-May-2016 20:33:30

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