1b gp, community, and skills

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Chef Labs

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**UPDATED 8/8/2016

Hey all,

I'd like to post about my current goals! I personally feel that goals should be written down in order to help achieve them!


My previous statistic had the top 1% of RS players having 1b, it has now been updated to 4b.

My goal still stands to have at least 1b gp.

Update: I reached my goal of being worth 1b in july!
Currently, I'm now standing at about 1.5b, my next goal is 2b!


I really would like to get more into the community of Runescape. I have recently been posting on the forums much more.

My community events have been such a success! I host events every Sunday at 22:00 game time and usually have a fantastic turnout! They are always hosted in my FC, which is always open, so feel free to pop in for a chat.

My community events thread can be found Here.

I would also like to keep right up with all the streams and podcasts, providing reviews and recaps on the forums.

Update: I suspended my community events in January because of being very busy with school. I would like to start these back up asap!


I am currently working on 99 invention, I am
right now.

My long term skill goal is
99 in all skills!
I am so close!
I have
99's right now, and recently achieved
2,600 total level! (Now: 2648)

Skills Left:
73/99 Invention

Update: I maxed about a month before invention came out. I just started being quite active again. I'd like to remax ASAP!

I am super stoked to be working on my new goals, and eagerly awaiting new updates to keep up with my forum posts and podcast/stream following.

~ Thanks for reading this thread, and I wish you all good luck with all of your goals
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Wow you have set yourself to some high goals there ! Good Luck. Keep us posted. :D

~ Mrs ~
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Chef Labs
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Chef Labs

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Updates from 6/13 - 10/1/15

Net Worth has fallen from around 800m to 250m due to maxing.

99's achieved:

All skills over 90 achieved!

Total level 2500 achieved! 2537 Currently!

Clan rank of Coordinater Achieved! Specific job is introducing the clan to the community. Our events thread and schedule can be found Here!
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Hey, grats on the level gains-

gp can be earned and lost, but levels last a life time. Totally worth maxing out and then building your bank up again after :)

Keep us updated!

If you ever need someone to do some mid-level pvm (nex/kk) feel free to add me in game and we can earn some gp together.

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