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Jukkas Dwarf

Jukkas Dwarf

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First post so go easy….

I am currently part of a Defence clan called ‘The Def CC* so big shout-out to them!
I first started to think about creating a Defence Pure when I heard about ‘Joy’ Achieving 99 Defence at such a low combat level. Last year I started to create one and achieved 75 Defence with an Attack level of 1 and a Strength level of 1. As most people know that this wasn’t easy, a lot of grinding but all the hard work plaid off.

Most people get 75 Defence to go Pking then stop, they don’* want to make the voyage to 99 Defence. But this wasn’t me. Due to commitments in real life I couldn’t put in the time and effort that was needed to reach 99. But now I am back and ready!

After training for quite some time I knew that Pest control was the best bet to gain 99 Defence but it would take even more grinding. Due to Pest control needing a Combat level of 40 to enter I was around 39 at the time with and decided to get 5 Attack and 5 Strength. This may be looked down on but when people ask me why I did it, ‘I tell them the truth: The grinding was becoming more painful each level. ‘But all is not lost I can use this to my advantage when staking’.

I need around 15k+ Pest control points to reach 99 Defence, this is going to take a considerable amount of time, but I am willing to put in the effort.
--- Combat 41 --- Attack: 5 Strength: 5 Hitpoints: 70 Defence: 83

To gain Pest Control points I cut tress, then I repair barricades – It’s as simple as that.
Thanks for reading, drop me a message in game or keep up to date with this post to know my progress. This achievement is a big one and not many people will reach the goal.

~~~~~ Defence Pure ~~~~~

21-May-2016 11:41:51

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