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Hey, I have decided I am going for the Trimmed Completionist Cape, I will update this list as I go


-Completionist cape
-Advanced sweeping
-Agile from Head to Toe
-All Rise
-Arc - All Your Energies
-Arc - Bone to Pick With You
-Arc - Don't Crush My Memories
-Around the World in Six Ways
-Banking History
-Barbarian Scavenger
-Champions. What champions?
-Chompy Massacre (4000/4000)
-Complete Trekky
-Conquest Adore
-Count All Light Fingers
-Death Effect
-Eastern Adventurer
-Eastern Explorer
-Ferocious Upgrade
-Finish Him!
-Hard as Daemons
-How Many Games?
-Ice Ice Chimpy
-Impressing Char
-Ivan is Flailing
-Jack of the Circus
-Kal'gerion Commander
-Maria, You Gotta See Her
-Master Angler
-Master of Assault
-Master Otto
-Memorialised More Than Once

-Milk of Chocolate, Snape of Grass
-Arc - Mitts and Waders - Death Lotus
-Arc - Mitts and Waders - Seasinger
-Arc - Mitts and Waders - Tetsu
-Nomad's Genesis
-Nomad's Mirage
-On a Rune High

-Penance to the King
-Perky Like a Prawn
-Post Fume
-Quiet but Deadly Lore
-Rank: Master Finix
-Scribbling in the Depths
-Scrolling with Power
-Shadows Below
-Sheep Shearer
-Slime and Snails and God Wars Tales
-Special Slayer Delivery
-Stone's Throw Away
-Telos If You're Angry II
-Witch's Potion
-White Knight Rises
-Who Will Be Her Lover?
-Work On Your Artisan
-You're Not My Real Mah
-Lock, Stock and Barrel
-Class Crown
-To the Bone
-To Be a Master
-Mazcab Teleport

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