20 Hrs of Giant Mole Loot F2P

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Street Wise

Street Wise

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Hello all,

My name is Street Wise and I am a pure F2P player. Since I am already in the process of going for the Giant Mole pet, I thought I would go ahead and works towards a kill goal of 20 hours at this boss. If you would like to follow my progress make sure to check back regularly as I will update the thread after each hour completed.

Current kill count :
(Regular Mode) 92
(Hard Mode) 191

SIDE NOTE - All of my kills will be in Hard Mode since I AM going for the pet, and HM does have a significantly lower threshold for the drop.

Equipment setup :
Helm - Dark Mystic Hood
Chest - Dark Mystic Robe Top
Legs - Dark Mystic Robe Bottom
Gloves - Dark Mystic Gloves
Boots - Dark Mystic Boots
Ring - Explorers Ring 4
Necklace - Arcane Blast Necklace
Cape - Ghost Hunter Backpack
Weapon - Nature Staff

Inventory setup :
Air Runes
Fire Runes
(For Fire Blast Spell)
Twisted Bird Skull Necklace
(For restoring Prayer)

Relevant Stats :
83 Magic
86 Prayer
80 Constitution
70 Defense
Owner of
Striving - F2P Community Clan
The F2P Advocate

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