Road to 1k Hard CS Tab!

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My goal, 1k Hard Clue Scroll tab. Clue Scrolls are one of the only reasons I continue to play this game after 10 years and I thought id give myself a challenge. Well, here it is!

I started after i had already done 100 so my current tab has I believe 23 hard clue scroll rewards.

This is gonna be done with no Thaler points. My normal inventory setup is this:

I will not be selling any of this stuff until I have reached my goal. This should be an exciting adventure! I will either update after every clue or after every 5 to 10 clues do another pic of my 1k Hard Clue Scroll tab!

Pardon the Gyazo links I cant figure out how to do the one click link. Not very familiar with forum stuff.

30-Jun-2016 05:15:24

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