I finally killed araxxi :D

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Idk if this is allowed to be posted here, but finally I got up the courage to fight araxxi again, after watching countless videos of it on youtube and dozens of tries I finally did it! This was probably the most intense thing I've done on RuneScape ever! I don't do a lot of high lvl PvM even though I'm maxed, I don't even have nex killed in a duo, I've only massed it before and even then I died a few times

Final phase my heart was beating out of my chest, I forgot my aura and figured this was the end for me, I still had my Sign of Death but wasn't sure if it was going to be enough. A bit into the final phase the core came out and I though to myself "Ok chill, you can handle it, watch your prayers and safe up." I kept focusing on my prayers and hp, not even looking at Araxxi knowing it would shock me, after what felt like an hour (No kidding) the death animation plays.

I couldn't believe it! I beat Araxxi? No way!

I stand here confident now, ready to do more kills and even try a Nex solo, why not? I know I can handle it if I really believe!

Thanks for reading :)
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