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Hi, I'm Neo, as you know I've made the combatant's cape my goal.
Haven't been playing in recent months, but have come back after reaching 99 prayer and have covered all the melee 99s. Now I'm just clearing up ranged, magic, and summoning.

I do not currently have a plan for summoning as I am just starting to collect more charms while training ranged, and I am going to be high alching my way to 99 magic.
Current combat stats:
* 99 Constitution
* 99 Attack
* 99 Defence
* 99 Strength
* 85 Ranged
* 77 Magic
* 42 Summoning

If anyone has some suggestions for those last 3 skills I'd be more than happy to look into it. :D

26-Jun-2016 17:20:09

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good luck I also have the same goal, however don't forget you also need 99 prayer. depending on money magic and range can be trained very fast in abyiss. as for summoning possibly the hardest one, just train slayer to get charms ( 2 birds with 1 stone ) I have just range and summoning left and range is 84 and summoning is 92 so hopefully wont be to far away. good luck :)

10-Jan-2019 23:53:15

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