Dear King Black Dragon (2)

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Your Majesty,

I wanted to formally thank you for trusting me with the diary you've been keeping with you (I was also wondering where exactly, as you don't seem to have a backpack, but that's besides the point, I digress) for such a long time. I promise I will keep it in a safe place. I'm also very grateful for all the other unique precious items you've given me, I most certainly didn't disassemble some of them, nor did I sell any of them. Presents given from the heart must be kept for life.

Now, about that cute dragonling of yours. I understand that you are very fond of him, which is understandable. But we must think of what is best for him, so I write you to suggest something close to a shared custody. I promise to bring him to visit you on a regular basis, so you can teach him dragon combat skills and I will even burp in his face from time to time, so as to not make him lose this habit that seems of vital importance for you. But you must understand, vitamin D is essential, especially for a young dragon. With me he would be out in the sunlight most of the time and I would take care of him as if he were my own child.

I really hope you'll consider my offer, I'm only interested in the well-being of your dragonling.

Yours faithfully,


13-Nov-2018 15:13:03

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