Borelords of Draynor

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It was Halloween time when the Rift appeared near Draynor Village and Death called for aid.
Moia was trapped above the Rift, in apparent constant agony. But to be honest, I don't know what she was complaining about. We were suffering too.

Death had built some pillars to stabilize the Rift. They seemed to work just fine without us. but hey, who am I to question?
We would spend 10-15 minutes trying to stabilize the Rift.
The first week, we had some annoying zombies appear every now and then, summoned by a necromancer. Hardly a threat. They fell rather quickly to our waves of fluffy clouds of doom.
The second week, Death felt the need to summon his old buddy War. Don't know why. The Demons weren't that big of a deal.
The third week, Death summoned his other friend Famine. She was .... creepy. Along with her came the invasion of pus filled giant zombies. Less threat ... more "ick".
The fourth week, death summoned his final friend ... well ... acquaintance. apparently he and Pestilence had a bit of a falling out. Seems the latest threat were giant eyeballs shooting beams of death everywhere. They were probably the only threat we saw, other than boredom.

If it wasn't for the fact that the loot on the other side was pretty decent, we probably wouldn't have bothered to help.
Such is the life of a mercenary.
Are you questioning my insanity or my incompetence?
Some seek refuge in audacity. I seek refuge in absurdity.

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