The Roads We Must Travel

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Outpost - Underground Vault

I am releasing the Dreamer.
” the girl replied. “
If that means nothing to you, then it is not your business.

She paused for a moment, turning her attention back to whatever was in front of her. In the silence, those with good hearing would be able to hear a faint sequence of beeps and clicks followed by a louder and more final-sounding beep. Once that sounded, she stepped away from where she was, walking around the side of the altar to where the front of the sarcophagus was. With her no longer in the way, anyone looking would be able to see that what had been standing in front of her was a pedestal of some kind. It had a glowing display on it, but from the door it was difficult to see what it was.

Once that was done, she gave what could be assumed as an answer to Isaac’s question.

Miyasi, callsign Dancing Blades.

With that, she knelt down in front of the sarcophagus and began fiddling with something in the altar. After a moment, there was another click, and the wires leading from the pedestal to the sarcophagus began to light up. Colored lights began flowing from the pedestal through the wires, melting into the dark surface of the sarcophagus when they reached the ends of the wires.

As this began to happen, Lias took her hand off the wall and stood up straight again. Her breathing had stabilized, and it looked like, once again, she was back in control of herself. Her voice, when she spoke, was half accusatory and half angry, although the anger didn’t seem to be directed at the girl herself.

You didn’t answer his question. Who are these people you killed? Who did they work for?
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I do not know their identities, or who their leader is.
” Miyasi replied, standing up and taking a step back. “
They tried to stop me, so they died.

The way she said it made it sound like the most natural thing in the world, and it was clear that she didn’t consider it anything out of the ordinary. This didn’t seem to sit too well with Lias, though, as she took a more ready grip on her weapon before speaking again. She didn’t raise it, but she sounded a bit more angry, and now it seemed like it was directed more at the girl than it had been.

So you would have killed anyone that was ‘in your way’? The soldiers too, even though they’re just trying to protect what belongs to their country?

Although it wasn’t really clear to someone not looking back, the writer’s eyes narrowed slightly at this comment, but she didn’t say anything.

The Dreamer belongs to himself.
” was all Miyasi responded with, although when she said it, she turned around and looked directly at Lias. That allowed everyone to see her face, which matched the somewhat lifeless voice rather well. Her skin was stretched fairly tight across her skull, giving her a rather gaunt facial appearance. There were small marks on several places across her cheeks, forehead, and nose, and her skin color was rather pale. Her eyes were the most standout feature, though, being a dark silver and looking as though they only had a small amount of life in them.

Something about the words and the stare caught Lias off guard, and she didn’t have a chance to respond to what was said before the sarcophagus began opening. It made no noise, save for a small hiss of air as the front opened like a door, and the size and angle of it made what was inside clearly visible. It was a young man, in his late twenties with blonde hair and fair skin, curled up and floating in some kind of bubble in the middle of the coffin.
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He wore some kind of tattered military outfit, although the fairly shredded emblem on the shoulder wasn’t visible enough for anyone to tell what it might be. He did not take up the entire interior of the sarcophagus, and what was not taken up by him or the bubble was taken up by beams of some flowing substance from the edges that poured into and created the bubble device.

The man appeared to be asleep, and his floating form remained hovering and motionless even with the front of the sarcophagus open.

Turning back to it for a moment, Miyasi reached into a pouch at her side and pulled out a small spherical device before pressing down a button on the top and speaking briefly.

The Dreamer is here. Opening the gate.

With that, she tossed the device towards the wall. It made it perhaps ten feet before bursting into a white oval shape in the air, hovering a couple inches off the ground and standing nearly seven feet tall. White mist swirled around behind the opening, and nothing was visible there until there was movement from within and another person stepped out from the gateway. Everyone that was at the inn would recognize them, Elyssia in particular. It was the woman that had worn a hood, the same one she was wearing now, at least until she pulled it down and revealed that the left half of her face was covered with a plain white mask. The other half was average in terms of complexion and tint, and the only mark on it was one that looked like a black flame burned into the area around her eye and stretching back to her ear.

Sighing as she looked over at the group and the bodies that were strewn around them, she raised a hand in greeting and said, “
Suppose I shouldn't say it’s nice to see you again, should I?
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Rory grinned and snickered, but didn’t reply to Annie, and reverted to his focused look while Harry asked who the mysterious girl was.


Harry’s question was answered. Wires, colorful lights. Miyasi could not answer Lais, but did not seem to care about the death of soldiers. The mysterious girl had a rather cadaverous look.

“Mm. Colers ’n shapes.”

After some more shapes and colors, some guy referred to as Dreamer floated. He was appropriately named, being asleep yet affected by magic of some sort. A portal formed, and a hooded woman reappeared.

“Oh,” Elizabeth exclaimed at the half-masked woman’s words, rather lost to the colorful, surreal imagery. Whatever mysteries lied, only time could reveal.

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Annie listened to the conversation what was going around her. She felt scared of Miyasi safety and also very carious about her too. That's when a blond man came out of no where and told Miyasi that the dreamer was here and to open the gate. She heard beep noise and a half-masked woman came out of the portal. The lady made a comment and Annie asked in nervous voice,"who are you? How do you know us even we never meet before?" -Dances-

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If what Isaac had seen so far was strange, the next few moments only served to raise the bar to a new height. A figure suspended within some sort of bubble, the gaunt, near lifeless expression of the young girl, some sort of device that conjured a gateway that another mysterious figure stepped through - this one more familiar. Such technology... He had never even heard of the like!

"You... Were back at the roadhouse," He said, clear surprise in his voice as the remarkable nature of all he'd just been witness to dawned on him. Annie's own question almost brought him out of the shock, a pause coming to him before he glanced at her - the expression crossing his face a little mixed before he decided to shake it off. If ever there was further proof she wasn't a very observant person, it was now. Not that they needed more proof.

Still, it snapped him out of the worst of it - his expression becoming angry as he looked upon the no longer hooded woman. Perhaps it was the realization that this person had been among them back when all this started, or maybe the whole night was just catching up on him. Maybe he was usually better at hiding it.

"Just what in the Goddess' name is going on here?!" Isaac couldn't stop himself from shouting across the chamber, his grip on his sheathed blade's handle tightening.
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Elyssia clutched her torch with both hands. Meekly looking on from the doorway as the nightmarish scene unfolded, it was about all she was able to do.

From the ethereal mists, a familiar figure emerged. A sense of relief washed over Elyssia, though she was perhaps a little shocked to allow a sense of safety to wash over her. An instinctual exhale would have to suffice.

It was about this time that the man – Issac, if she recalled correctly – tightened his grip upon his sword. This puzzling action hadn’t gone unnoticed by Elyssia, who recalled the man to be somewhat twitchy in general and prone to yelling. The sort of bully who got things through intimidation rather than words.

Pacing forwards several steps, Elyssia timidly reached for the Issac’s sleeves in an attempt to give them a slight tug. She would avoid Issac’s eyes, her fear of the man palpable.

“She… saved me.” Elyssia muttered, pleading that he would understand that regardless of how things looked and where they were, the cloaked woman couldn't be a bad person.

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Harry Richard



One minute, he was trying to leave the country and start a new life. The next minute, he was in a shoot-out. Not too long after he was investigating an outpost

So how the hell did that become this!?

He felt like he shouldn't just stand there and let whatever happened happen. Either he should stop it, or run. Yet he didn't know how to stop it, or what would happen if he tried, and he was glued to his feet by some strange curiosity.

Somehow, Harry was able to regain his composure. He took a deep breath to steady himself, and then he spoke, addressing the other woman directly.

"And why would you say that?" He demanded. Then the look on his face hardened. He tightened his grip on his shotgun, and his finger slipped closer to the trigger. "Answers, now, or this gets messy."
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Outpost - Underground Vault

At Isaac’s shout and Harry’s small motions of indicated hostility, the swords on the ground sprag up into the air, whirling around for a moment before angling themselves to be pointing directly at the pair that seemed to have caused. At the same time, Miyasi turned slightly, looking back at the group with a hand resting lightly on the pommel of her sheathed sword. Although she did not draw it, and the swords did not move closer, it was definitely the most hostile she had been so far.

This, however, ended when the new arrival said sharply, “
No. We’re not fighting.
” to her. With another slight look, this time in the woman’s direction, Miyasi took her hand off the sword at her side and all of those that were floating dropped to the ground with a clatter. Without another word, the girl went back to what she had been doing, which seemed to be a small terminal of some kind, similar to the one on the exterior that she had used to open the sarcophagus in the first place, on the inside of the coffin.

Sighing, the woman turned her attention back to the group, pausing for a moment before starting to answer the multitude of questions being directed at her. The simpler ones came first, although one wasn’t answered, presumably because the answer didn’t need to be given.

If you want an identity for me, it’s Storm. Before you ask, no, that is not my given name, but it is my identity.
” she said, walking away from the portal and into the center of the room area, stopping between the sarcophagus and the group. “
And yes, that was me there. I was also the one who told Recruit Tremley about the attack, in the hopes that this type of situation could be avoided. Regrettably, it seems that it could not.
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From what could be seem of the woman, as she was entirely visible to the group now, she held no weaponry, and did not appear to have a very impressive physical build. However, now that she was closer, it did appear as though the air around her mask seemed to be distorted in some way. It almost looked as though there were wisps of blackness in the air around it.

She continued, “
As for what’s happening...well, the short version is that I’m keeping a promise I made a long time ago. I’m not going to tell you the details of it, so please understand that. I also don’t have time to give you the long version, so I’ll sum it up as best I can.

Clearing her throat, she sighed again and then kept talking.

I don’t, we can’t afford to let Vellin become a prisoner of the Church, or an experimental subject of Aren’s. What he can do is too dangerous for that, and unlike back then we have the ability to avert the harm it can cause. That’s why I’m here, why I’m keeping my promise to come retrieve him now.

Just naming the Church would make the identity familiar enough, but the other name was also one that those versed in world politics might be aware of. Darik Aren was the man that currently held the position of Chancellor in Netheris, and was the driving force behind the transition of power away from the royal family as well as the architect behind many of the infrastructure projects that Netheris had begun undertaking recently. By all accounts, he was a brilliant individual, but there were plenty of people, both in Netheris and abroad, that disliked his somewhat militant attitude. Since he had become Chancellor, the military power of Netheris had increased by a great amount, which was the major cause of the current tension.
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