the Noob Chronicles! (v2)

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I don't know if anybody still cares for this anymore. I think I'm going to let it die, unless someone chooses to bump it.
I want to thank each and every one of you who stayed with this story for years. I've never seen that kind of devotion for what even I have to admit of my own writing, is a second-rate story. Everyone of YOU made it possible to get this story to it's peak. I know it's dead now, but I thank you all for making it what it once was. You're all amazing fans, old or new.
You have my best regards, always.

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Bump :)

Six years later, and this thread is still here. Certainly not active, but Im glad to see it around.

Nice to see Jagex has let non members start posting on the forums. Now I can say a proper farewell.

Looking back on this is like going down memory lane. I was an elementary school kid and 12 years old when this story was first being written. Now Im 17, and getting ready to go to college. This thread is a relic of my childhood in a way.

I heard of the Runescape 3 update and that prompted me to see if I could find this thread. I doubted it still existed but to my great joy, here it is. I read the story once again and literally went through every page of the thread. Man was that a sentimental journey.

Thank you Dezzertking/ Ozz for writing something that would have such an unexpected impact on my childhood, and thanks to all of the fans who shared the laughs with me.

I dont play runescape anymore, but if anyone is reading this and wants to talk you can contact me at my email - theredcommissar@gmail.c(o)m Please let me know you are from the noob chronicles so I dont freak out ;)

If you choose not to reach me or don't see this post, farewell and thank you for making my 12 year old self laugh his heart out. :)


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