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Dong U Dead

Dong U Dead

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Hello and welcome to version 8 of count to 20 before a Santa.


-Every time someone with no avatar or an avatar with no Santa hat posts, they increase the count by one.
-When someone with a Santa hat (must be on their avatar) posts, the count resets.
-Double posts don't count.
-Try to get to 20! If you can, go go go!


Dong U Dead hosted v6 & v7
Blow Me Down was the previous hosted v5
Do Worker hosted v4
S C (P) 682 was the original owner and hosted v2 & v3

Good luck defeating us

We will start this thread fresh at:

Thread Setup
Locked Bank Items

04-Oct-2017 00:27:30

Ms Toxicity
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Ms Toxicity

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Dong U Dead, I undestand that you were the author of Version 7 of this topic but, since Dong U Dead said:
you have posted on page 15 of the other thread, you have tacitly given approval for that thread. As such, this duplicate is now closed.

If you wish to continue participating in this game, please use the other thread.

04-Oct-2017 14:14:25

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