Type With Your Eyes Closed! #6

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~Note: If this thread reaches 2,000 posts, please wait till I create the Seventh Thread~
Hello, and welcome to my Sixth Thread!
The last five threads reached 10,000 posts!
Typing with your eyes closed is really a challenge.
It helps you remember the letters on your keyboard.
Also, it shows how well you can type with your eyes closed.
My eyes are closed at the moment, I will not edit this sentence.
Now You try!:D
~First Option~
All you have to do is type 2 sentences.
The 1st sentence, saying what you are going to type.
The 2nd sentence, you are typing with your eyes closed.
~Second Option~
You could type a single paragraph with your eyes closed.:)
~Third Option~
You may type one sentence as long as you do not edit.
Have fun and no peeking!O_o
You may post more than once to see if you have gotten better or to keep the thread going.
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Want to write: Penguin hide and seek

With closed eyes: Pen**in gude abd seen

Hmm...anyway... not bad :P TY

Edit: ** - fu - sorry, but they somehow became stars :( (sorry for editing) :P
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