Sentence Alteration

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-Do not post twice in a row
-You may do 1 of the following: Add 1 word, remove 1 word, replace one word.
-The sentence must make grammatical sense.
-If you spot an honest grammatical error, please correct it in your post while making your alteration.
-Commas or any symbol like that may be added or removed in any increment, so long as the new sentence is still grammatically correct.
-Changing the tense of a word does not count towards your alteration limit
-"a" and "an" can be changed along with your alteration, if need be.
-Try to avoid contractions such as "can't" and "aren't". These are two words, so spread them out as such.
-All forum rules apply.

Original Sentence is:

You smell like roses.

20-Oct-2016 22:32:47

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