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very mad guy
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very mad guy

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((you know, im kind of overpowered too when you think about what i did (and can do) in forum fight so you need to be a little ** as well if you want to put up a fight))

*i barely get out of the way of the daggers, but one of them leaves a deep cut in the arm, to the point that a bone is visible*

"AGH! one time is enough!"

*the figure then shoots out another dagger that i manage to limbo under and i take a slight moment of respite to bandage the wounded arm*

???: persistent little creature, are you?

me: you havent even seen half of it

*i use my healthy arm to telekinetically pick up a large amount of snow and roll it up into a ball. with my hand in the air, i move my thumb and index finger to levitate a fire nearby, forming that into a ball as well while keeping the snowball in motion. the fireball starts looking more like lava, to the point of obscuring sight by looking at it. the snowball becomes solid ice and shines so brightly its blinding. i then carefully put my hand in the air, causing the lava and ice balls to float even higher*

"you have one chance to surrender"

*at this point my wounded arm has healed enough to be usable*
They see me rollin', they better run...

15-Sep-2015 14:24:58

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Well yes I'm sure you have picked up some new overpowered abilities and am aware of how much overpowering is required in forum fight. Especially after all these years being with the ffa. Any way we shall see how overpowered you think his ability is. But your character did say the name of the thing he controls. The figure also said something about it in the literal sense. Now you have something to think about here's something else.

*The figure just laughs hysterically.*

???: Surrender? But this fight is just starting to get interesting. But if you want to surrender then that's fine.

VMG: This is no joke!

???: That wasn't either. But since it appears you won't surrender...

*Within the blink of an eye the figure then delivers a crunching kick to Very Mad Guy's arm before it can fully heal. Very Mad Guy is sent back a little almost dropping the balls of fire and ice. Very Mad Guy looks back but can't the figure. The figure then slashes Very Mad Guy's back and is followed by another blast. Causing Very Mad Guy to drop the ice ball but narrowly saves the lava ball. As Very Mad Guy recovers the figure is about to slash at him with his sword aiming for his neck.*

(Well hopefully now you can figure out his power is [REDACTED].)

(Also no this isn't a finishing move. This is ridiculously easy to avoid.)
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16-Sep-2015 12:05:40

very mad guy
Feb Member 2017

very mad guy

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(note: its the right arm thats wounded)

*i barely manage to avoid the strike by rolling away and retaliate by hurling the lava ball and the shards left by the ice ball at the figure. i then stand up, wounded from the attack. i draw my sword, but to the figures surprise, i use it to amputate the wounded arm, planning to sew it back on once the fight is over as it might not heal in time. i quickly untie the bandage then wrap it over the shoulder in order to stop the bleeding. the pain from the wounds alongside the determination to win is enough to trigger a rage. the figure quickly notices that something non-human is dripping out of where the arm should be*

They see me rollin', they better run...

16-Sep-2015 14:54:11

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