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Well in a sense the character Paradox and the material are two different things and are completely unrelated. Plus that name should give away what his power is.
*Paradox dodges the bombardment of fire with ease. He then forms a energy hammer and appears behind Very Mad Guy and smashes him in the back with it.*

Paradox: Run? But I am just starting to have fun. Besides you'd do well not to underestimate me.

*Paradox's sword suddenly reforms taking the shape of what looks to be a clock hand. He then continues to slash Very Mad Guy from all directions and Very Mad Guy is starting to block his strikes less and less.*
The statement below is false.
The statement above is true.

01-Oct-2015 16:24:47

Sir Duncan88

Sir Duncan88

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Chef Labs said:
*Senses a lot of displaced anger, gets in the middle of all of this and starts talking about what we can do with this anger*

We could...cast Lewis Black? XD


The mage looks at the clock sword.

"Oh look, it's Time Mage Khamer's staff, sword version. Oh."

05-Oct-2015 20:03:46

very mad guy
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very mad guy

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*the figure strikes from all directions and i get increasingly tired, having used my strongest attacks for a very long time*

"*thinking to self* gah, does this thing even have a weakness?"

*i try to fight back, but with little use at it keeps striking*

(i think that the main weakness is energy based, but admit it, with fluency in magic my character would be too OP. the most magic you are going to get is cryo/pyromancy and portal magic. also, does anyone else think big battles should be listed in the wiki soon? wont be many people looking, i know, but itll just be nice to have a wiki with up to date content)
They see me rollin', they better run...

08-Oct-2015 19:48:40

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