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very mad guy
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very mad guy

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ok, ill wait for ash*in to make a move now (also, the reason i said they "squish easily" is because i assume my character is very heavy from the armor and muscle combined, seeing as lifelong training would make you pretty buff)
They see me rollin', they better run...

05-Nov-2015 19:57:41

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*As Mad Guy and Duncan return to the Arena, they see me sparring with Everyone. It looks like I'm trying to teach him to defend himself some more, although it is obvious that I'm slowing down my movements to a relative crawl just to make it possible for Everyone to keep up*

Me: *Turning to face Duncan and Mad Guy* Oh, back so soon?

Everyone: *Heavy breathing* Oh hey, can we take a break for a second, I'm getting tired.

Me: No, Everyone, your enemies won't just stop attacking you because you're tired, they'll just attack even more! You need to keep going until you can barely move at all, that's the only way to get better. When you can't lift your sword any more, that's when we take a break.

*I continue to train Everyone one-handed while continuing to talk to Duncan and Mad Guy*

Me: So, how was the fight?

20-Nov-2015 12:11:48

Sir Duncan88

Sir Duncan88

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"Master 1. It's nice to visibly see you again. And Everyone, I see the training's really starting to come along."
the mage greets the combatants, before Master 1 mentioned the previous battle.

"Why am I not surprised you know about that? Well, it was long. We drew in the end. I don't think I'll be having another fight that intense for a while.

"But then afterwards Mad Guy got interrupted by this guy calling himself 'Paradox'. He used time manipulation, and it looks like he one of those crazy people that goes around sapping the life out of people."
He sounds slightly tense saying the last sentence.

20-Nov-2015 18:11:39

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