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"Hydrogen. The most abundant chemical in the universe, and all you want to do is use the energy released from fusion to kill. What an egregious waste. If all you want to do is destroy cities, then please allow me to demonstrate what destruction really is."

She looks over at VMG and the mercenary leader.

"Have you no honor? Torture is the lowest of lows. If you feel like you're avenging the loss of all of your people by inflicting this kind of embarrassment on someone else's kind, you are a mistaken man.

She waves her hand and a spike of magical energy shoots out of the wall and ends the leaders life.

"Now, where was I. Oh, destruction."

She holds her hand up, and a glowing ball of plasma shudders into existence.

She slams it into a large group of the mercenaries, eliminating 10 of them. Removing no trace, save for scorch marks.

"I was never fit to be a warrior, VMG. My strength is my mind and my connection to the energy that courses through myself, and through everything in the universe. Some would consider it unfair, but I would rather live to teach so that my children will never have to go through the bloodshed that I've had to see than to use my gift as a tool for bloodshed. If anyone wishes to end the lives of our world, my friends or my family, I will ensure that they never see the light of the stars ever again.
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very mad guy
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very mad guy

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"you dont get it, do you? i dont do it for my own pleasure; i do it to spread a message"

syl: "what message?"

"that i am not to be trifled with"

*i then start attacking other mercenaries, holding back so i can talk easily*

"my entire life has been kill or be killed. in daemonheim only the strong survive. its called evolution. do or die, thats what i have done since i discovered the place"

*picking off one mercenary after another, i then turn towards syl*

"honor? yes, i have honor, but these fiends dont deserve it. when things are serious, holding back because of dignity is just a sign of weakness. in a friendly duel i would do it, but in situations like these? you just beg to be killled"

EDIT: wanted to finish off the leader, but somehow managed to read past your mercy killing
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Alright preparations are nearly complete in a day or so I will unleash hell upon this wo... U**nh.... (Easiestenmy looks down to see a blade straight threw his chest.) ....what......

(mysterious stranger) Hmmm so this was the great destroyer.. pfft was an easy kill.

(easiest enemy)who are you?

(Mysterious stranger) I am who you once called a friend... The one you supposedly Mind-Controlled.... I am FrenzySlayer.

(easiest enemy)I....I thought you died.....

(Frenzyslayer) No I almost died I had access to both prayer books and when I unleashed my wrath I prayed for Redemption allowing myself to just barely survived the blast. after that I revived the undead and fought them with soul-split to regain my strength. You see this was all apart of my plan to take over your empire and I couldn't have done it without you..... You have given me the power to end not only this world but other worlds. My eyes are set on the whole Galaxy not just this pathetic world. I will use the Tech you have unlocked to Complete my mission and no one can stop me.

(frenzyslayer proceeds to push his sword down Easiest enemies body blood pouring everywhere, and then pulls the sword up to Easiest enemy's neck, a solemn blood curdling gurgle was let out by easiest enemy as Frenzyslayer splits his head in two, turning easiest enemy into two halves)

(FrenzySlayer) Pathetic excuse of life...

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I guess i'll let those weasels now of my new found power. (opens comms portal)

Hahahahahahaha..... Fools even you Fiends couldn't get to him before I had my way.... oh I almost forgot to introduce myself.. .hehe..... I am the destroyer....... well the new Destroyer as the old one kinda croaked and died.... by my hand.. hes in two pieces wanna meet him... (picks up one half of easiest enemy and forcibly waves his hand at the others through the portal) *mimicking easiest enemy horribly* oh hi just wanted to say hello ive lost a lot of weight you see im half of what I used to be ...... HAHAHA..... (drops easiest enemy) that was entertaining..... hehe..... Don't worry about losing this world anymore my intents are greater than this world I am going to destroy this galaxy I will Overload the black hole in the center of this galaxy causing it to expand and devour everything in it's path. you can chase me down but im not on this planet anymore I have no intent on dying to you fiends.


(the comms portal closes)

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Time to raise the stakes.

Frenzy:..I am the destroyer...

*Paradox laughs so hard he almost reveals his location as he listens in on Frenzy's speech.*

Paradox: Ohh if only they knew you who the real Destroyer is. I should probably inform him but he probably already knows.

*Meanwhile somewhere in space.*

*Frenzy continues his course to the centre of the galaxy when suddenly he is engulfed in a darkness.*


Frenzy suddenly finds himself in a dark area with a door and the sound of a piano coming from it. He opens the door to find a rather posh looking room with a faceless man in a suit and an imp playing the old piano. Frenzy approaches the imp only to find that it too is faceless. Frenzy then turns around to find the man in the suit but this time he isn't faceless.

"Welcome FrenzySlayer, Please take a seat and have some tea." The man says as he and Frenzy walk to a couple of chairs with cups of tea next to them and sit down. "Who are you? Where am I? Also what am I here?" Frenzy ask. "Well where are my manners my name is Zero. You are inside your own mind but don't worry you are very much on course." Zero responds.

"As to why you're here well to put it simply me and my master have noticed that you wish to destroy an entire galaxy. We want to help you by giving you power." Zero continues. "What kind of power?" Frenzy asks. "Well to put it simply the power you need to fend off enemies but more importantly to destroy the galaxy. It will give you three powerful stages of power." Zero replies.

"So what do you want me to do for this "power"?" Frenzy asks. Zero's face disappears and the piano stops. Frenzy turns to face the imp who now has Zero's face. "Simple all I need you to do is play." Imp Zero points to the piano.

(Yea wether or not you accept Zero's offer is up to you. But this is almost the forum fight equivalent of shaking hands with the devil. Also if you accept you will gain a mark on your hand.)
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(Continued... But if you don't well no mark on your hand but you'll still wake up from your dream.)

Now back to the party.
*The party face the remains of the mercenaries.*

Psy: *Sigh* Mercenaries and their destruction.

*Suddenly a female voice can be heard.*

???: Ohh yea about that bomb... yea I removed a key component or two from it.

*The party turn to a woman who is wearing a dark blue skin tight jump suit and numerous technologies and armour on it and has neck length hair.*

Psy: So you decided to help out Liz.

Liz: He couldn't let you have all the fun.

*A turret appears on Liz's shoulder and she proceeds to kill the remaining mercs.*

Psy: Unfortunately we are now faced with the threat of loosing an entire galaxy because of a mad man who thinks he is the Destroyer.

Liz: Well good thing I have the fastest ship on this side of the multiverse.

*A space ship appears next to the party.*

Liz: All aboard!

*The party board the ship and the ship launches towards the black hole. Within seconds the ship appears at a safe distance from the black hole ready to ambush Frenzy when he appears.*

Liz: Also put these on before you leave the ship so you can survive out there.

*Liz passes out some small devices which clip onto the clothing or armour of the party members.*

Duncan: So the wait begins.
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(well wish I read the majority of this forum before starting my replies. so i would of known who the destroyer is but i guess ill play it off)

Frenzyslayer: To play...****..... I have made a mistake and made a fool of myself in the process, and to reject this man's offer would leave me weak, I have a whole plan laid out but it can do with some altering, on the other hand there is always a "catch" with these kinds of people. Alright mysterious one, I will play but what to play precisely I do not know. Whatever it is I assure you I can play.

19-Jan-2016 15:41:38

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Meh no dramas in taking the Destroyer's name. In a way I guess every villain considers themselves "The Destroyer". :P

"Ohh anything will do. Just make it good and it can be played on this piano. But hurry your enemies are waiting at the black hole ready to ambush you." Imp Zero smiles. "Uhh.. Ok." Frenzy says. Frenzy then starts to play [Insert song here*. "Ohh and this will hurt. But don't resist." Before Frenzy can respond he feels a sharp pain in his chest and the dreamscape disappears.

Forum Fight

*Frenzy wakes up to find a dagger in his chest but he is still heading to the centre of the galaxy at full speed strangely. The dagger disintegrates and he feels a sharp pain all over. He can then hear a voice in his head.*

"Yes! Let the power of destruction take hold!"

*The pain suddenly stops and Frenzy notices a mark glowing on his hand. Some knowledge then floods into his mind about his new destruction forms.*

Original message details are unavailable.
Form 1 skin of the subject turns dark grey and eyes turn black. This form allows for enhanced magics including destruction beams.

Form 2 subject gains red makings on their body and gains some demonic features. This form both enhances magic skills and gives increased speed and agility.

Form 3 subject becomes almost completely demonic in appearance. This form increases strength and magic even more.

*With his new found power Frenzy rushes ahead with increased determination to end the galaxy.*
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