Describe a video game vaguely

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Adorable Dog

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I've seen this before, you describe the plotline or mechanics of a game in a vague manner as not to give away what the game is, but give subtle hints.

Let's use Runescape as an example.
Too specific

Ok so theres this guy called Saradomin, a lot of the players and npcs think hes really cool, but a lot of other npcs and players dont think hes really cool. In the game you do a lot of skill grinding, like mining, dungeoneering, divination.. or you can quest, like one where you're with a cave goblin fighting against racists! Yeah, bet you can't guess that one.

This'll do

In this game you watch numbers go up incrementally so you can eventually be better at watching numbers go up incrementally. The plot involves a bunch of big guys fighting against eachother, with not a whole lot of regard for the guys below. But little do they know, there are bigger guys about to wake up and blow up the big guys! Hopefully at that point, your numbers will be the biggest numbers of them all!

The gist is, make it fun to guess, and dont refer to anything specifically. You can certainly do a lot better than the example.

You can guess anyones post (preferrably by putting an @ in front of their name) but please make sure every post contains an a description. Please also give the answer to your description in your next post, that would be very nice of you :)

First post starts :)

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Fox Tail said:
By collecting 8 you can fight 4. Don't worry your 6 friends will help you!

Pokemon! almost had me stumped for a second

Space marines shooting alien dinosaurs and traffic cones
Old School
Piety Pure

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