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Hello & welcome to the COUNT TO 15 GAME

in this Game
Community helpers
will be like our policeteam. and they've to stop us from Counting to 15.

Fourm mods & Jagex mods does not count, they can not stop us they can play it too ! only a community helpers have to stop the counting, let's see how many community helpers we've active in the fourms games .

The reason that's i decided to let
Community helpers
stop us and not J-mods/F-mods, so i can let them both play it too !

Fourms rules apply. thank you all for your input

Let's start i'll say
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So this is "Count to 10 before a community helper"?

If so, there's already a game
Count to 10 before a CH V6
Quick find code: 55-56-130-65984660

or if this is a "Count to 10 before a Mod"?
You've already got that on the stickied threads at the top of the games forum

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