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D4rk Yorkie
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D4rk Yorkie

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¸„.‹•*'˜Which RS NPC Are You? V2!˜'*•›.„¸
This is the second installment of "Which RS NPC Are You?"
The first thread was created December 6, 2009.
The first thread maxed out on January 24, 2011.
¸„.‹•*'˜New stuff in this version!'*•›.„¸
This new version features a brand new NPC list. A new Rare NPC List will be made for players who get one of the new Rare NPC's.
This new version also features a more known NPC List, containing NPC's that are widely known throughout Runescape. Gender has also been fixed. A couple of Dungeoneering Bosses and monsters has been included. The new Nex boss has also been included. :) The Corporeal Beast has also returned from the first thread.
Thank you to all the people who participated and gave me feedback in the first thread. :) Also thank you Darts Sword for giving me some new NPC ideas!
Hello Runescape Forumers! You may have noticed a few of these thread types around the forums.
Which Runescape NPC are You? Let's find out!
How to play:
1. Post a message.
2. Look at the seconds that you originally posted the message.
3. Look at the chart on the next post. Match your number.
4. Edit your message and tell us which RS NPC you are!
Some of these NPC's may be quest related, but I've tried to remove all of those in this version. :)
Example: So if I posted at the 05 second, I would be: a Mugger.
Have fun!
*The rarer ones will be put in all caps*
*Please do not use a watch or any other time-keeping device, it ruins the game*
*You may go more than once, but only a max of 4 times per page!!!!*
*Please note that when I post, it does not count if I land on one of the rares*
*Edits do NOT count*
*If you change your name, and I don't know about it, I won't change your name on the Hall of Fame List. Feel free to post a message on this thread telling me you changed your name.
*Feel free to add your own story to the NPC you got :) ~~~

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D4rk Yorkie
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D4rk Yorkie

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The List:
1: Goblin
2: Ice Giant
3: Dagannoth
4: Aberrant Spectre
5: Mugger
6: Troll
7: Frost Dragon
8: Elf Warrior
9: Ogre
10: Chicken
11: Zombie
12: Revenant Werewolf
13: Guard
14: Tormented Demon
15: Jelly
16: BORK
17: Wolf
18: Forgotten Warrior (Primal)
19: Penguin
20: Blue Dragon
21: Moss Giant
22: Living Rock Patriarch
23: Turoth
24: Jungle Strykeworm
25: Lexicus Runewright
26: Vampire
27: Abyssal Demon
28: Bandit
30: Skeleton
31: Penance Fighter
32: Scabaras Ranger
33: Cow
34: Lizard
35: Giant Rat
36: Iron Dragon
37: Spider
38: Cyclops
39: Dust Devil
40: Greater Demon
41: Desert Strykeworm
42: Green Dragon
43: NEX
44: Chaos Druids
45: Forgotten Mage (Celestial)
46: Cave Crawler
47: Spiritual Mage
48: White Knight
49: Aviansie
50: Dark Beast
51: Monk
52: Fairy
53: Aquanite
54: Forgotten Ranger (Sagittarian)
55: Gluttonous Behemoth
56: Unicorn
58: Bear
59: Ice Strykeworm
So, which are you? :D

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D4rk Yorkie
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D4rk Yorkie

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List of Players who got a RARE NPC on this thread (T2):
Updated Dec. 22, 2016!

¸„.‹•*'˜Hall of Fame˜'*•›.„¸

1. Calm Storm
2. Black Ice841 (x2)
3. Think
4. Menaphos
5. Belichick
6. Sir Eos Lee

1. Plutoforever
2. Ecruteak
3. Sora Blue
4. Mathgeek 01
5. Agalloch
6. Yraid
7. Bizzarre
8. Efk
9. Jackfish6

1. Black Ice841
2. Think
3. Rhiota
4. Ripper Roo
5. Kinjaz
6. Ancient Drew

1. Black Ice841
2. Mormonmoo
3. Mate of Nala
4. Pengie

1. Black Ice841
2. Shnoxdog1234
3. Snowbum

¸„.‹•*'˜In Previous Threads...˜'*•›.„¸
18 people got a Mithril Dragon!
20 people got The Chaos Elemental!
23 people got Tz-Tok-Jad!
22 people got Corporeal Beast!
28 people got The Kalphite Queen!

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