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Very afkable
Jun Member 2012

Very afkable

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I remember about 2 years ago when my old computer got a virus... spent at least 2 weeks on my grandfather's very old computer... the guy who fixed it said that it should have taken 5 days... :(
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25-Nov-2014 03:19:34

very mad guy
Feb Member 2017

very mad guy

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Very afkable said:
Awesome! I just got past rank 3,000 range today. :) Afking roarius and still getting decent xp/money. :)

congrats. i still cant see my ranking on rooftop run in sonic generations despite taking nearly all, if not all shortcuts available and still go fast (which isnt easy if timing isnt your thing). i wish there was a "your ranking" button on that kind of thing
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25-Nov-2014 09:04:13

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