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very mad guy said:
Froud said:
very mad guy said:
Twillow said:
Don't stand so close to me, Froudling! :)

personal space issues? i feel like im missing something important

-Stands über close.-


(Froudling is apparently the Joker. It is unclear who Batman is at the moment.)

um... i guess me? ...

someone mentioned The Police, dat band with a sting

maybe don't stand so close to me wasn't their famous song, idk lol :)
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08-Aug-2015 18:57:13

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They are a band from England. They started in the late 1970s. Twillow's mentioned Sting, who is a lovely musician.

-Still stands very close to Twillow.-

They sang...

Roxaaaaannnnnneeeee, Don't Stand So Close to Me Twillow; they have an echo-ish sort of effect, similar to Phil Collins.

They're mostly a rock band. A lot of their songs are very... strange... in terms of melody. Their lyrics are a little odd, too, and highly metaphorical (although, if you sat there for a bit, you could figure out what the song was talking about). :D

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