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So I assume most people have seen threads like this or the old what if I put bluetack and a coin on my keyboard threads around before and I thought it' be a good idea to make an actual thread and game based around coming up with various ridiculous ideas to try and find a loophole in Jagex's botting and account sharing policies along with any other policies.

So recently I combined my DNA with that of a bee and so far I've managed to successfully become a Queen bee and run my own hive, although I was wondering would it be against the rules to have some of my drones play Runescape for me? I'm unsure about the ruling with hive minds and although I and my bees technically do not all share one collective consciousness they will almost immediately do whatever I tell them and have very little thought process of their own, so it wouldn't be like they're gaining anything from using my account. It's just that since I have to give orders and directions to so many other bees I just don't have much time to play Runescape anymore.
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11-Jan-2018 22:30:24

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