A Simple Childsplay Game.

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Hey Yall,

Welcome to the Game. The game is not a trivia game or a test of intelligence, nor is it a test of brute strength. At its core, it is a rudimentary children's game of which I am sure you all have played
Would you rather?

The rules are quite simple.
You will be given 2 options (neither of which will be too appealing)
You must choose between the two.
Optionals include explain why and what not.
All Runescape rules are to be followed at all times.

I would prefer if it was Runescape based but no issues if you post real life scenarios. ( just please keep argumentative topics such as religion, politics, and Zaros vs Zammy to a nill.)


Player one:

Would you rather walk from the Duel Arena to Castle wars without any form of teleports or any other form of quick travel (including running.)
Fight Jad with bronze armor and an inventory full of cooked chickens?

Player two: Option one!!!

Then player two would proceed to make his or her own two scenarios.


My question to you is.......
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Die on a 1400 total level ironman account?
I would like to
like my grandfather, peacefully in my
... Not like the other 3 in his car.

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