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^_^ Whats up guys, its Joe Schmo here again ^_^

Welcome to Quickly, Before They See V3

This is the 3rd version of my thread "Quickly Before They See". This is a game where you count to 15 before someone (who has been randomly picked) finds out ! The V2 thread already maxed so now I'm creating a new version. Thanks Amazonkaty for reminding me to recreate it ! I posted down when all of the previous threads were made :

Version 1 : January 18th 2014 by Joe Schmo
Version 1.5 : July 1st 2014 by IceyNut
Version 2 : September 6th 2014 by Joe Schmo
Version 3 !! : October 22nd 2014 by Joe Schmo

If you have never played this game before then great ! , always nice to see new faces around here. Its similar to hiding and seeking but much more fun :D The rules are posted down below to look at if needed.



Anyways, The idea is that we have to count to 15 before a certain person posts. If he/she don't post before they hit 15, they get to restart the count and pick the next person. If they don't see, the person who picked them wins and gets to pick the next person.

For Example
: Let's say I choose a player who is active on forum. They don't know that. So, we have to count to 15 before the player figures out that they have to post before 15. If he/she does, then it resets to 0 and the chosen player picks another person. If it reaches to 15, then the person who posted number 15 gets to choose and resets it.

Person 1: 15! We should now count to 15 before Joe Schmo posts!
Person 2: 1
Person 3: 2
Person 4: I am Joe Schmo, I win! We should now count to 15 before _____ posts!


Like always, enjoy the forum game !

You may now post :D

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