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Hey all,

This is a slightly new concept on the classic A-Z game. Unlike other A-Z games, there's no specific A-Z goal on this thread - it can change!

The first poster selects a topic, then posts a word beginning with A to start us off. Poster two then gives a pair of words, one starting with a, and one starting with b.

An example:

Poster a: A-Z of RuneScape Monsters! Argaroth

Poster b: Ardounge Guard/Black Knight Titan

Poster c: Bandosian Brawler/Cockroach

When we get to Z, the last player posts only something beginning with Z. It will be up to the following poster to start the cycle again. Example:

Poster z: Zombie!

Poster a: Next topic: Fruits! Apple!

- Please follow the Forum rules and respect others.
- You can use the previous word if you wish, but try to think of a new one!
- Try and think of a variety of topics, the stranger the better!
- If you're in doubt as to the current topic, scroll back a couple of pages.


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