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Mod Kalaya

Mod Kalaya

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Hey guys,

This has been raised here in the Website and Forums forum, and as it's come to the stage where the forum ranks have been released I wanted to see what you think, here being the subject of contention.

There are several counting threads on this forums, with the vast majority of them being aimed at one JMod in particular. Just threads like these really.

Do you think you'd be happier without these threads? Do you think we should meld all "Jmod" post counting threads into one? Please let me know.

I have updated the forum specific rules to disallow just random counting threads - they should have a purpose to it, but I'm curious whether you'd like the JMod ones to stay or go.

The other threads to consider are counting threads like "2000 before Christmas" or some such dates that tend to appear. Let me know your thoughts.

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30-Apr-2015 15:39:13

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woot! first vote! so my choice is 100% lol

on a more serious note, thank you for bringing this up, Mod Kalaya, and bringing it here and allowing feedback/discussion :)
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30-Apr-2015 15:45:31

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I have already shared my thoughts on the thread in Website & Forums but I will add it here too.

Considering these threads have the same overall purpose (to have a Jagex Moderator post), I propose that they be all confined into one thread. That is, something of the sort "
Count to [number] before Mod [name] posts
". Once the desired Jagex Mod has posted, they may nominate a colleague as the next possible target by editing the title.

With this in mind, as only Jagex Mods will be able to edit the titles, no Forum Moderator is needed for these purposes. This will also remove the repetitiveness and spam with multiple variations of these threads roaming around this forum. It will all be centralized in one thread.

30-Apr-2015 15:50:49

A RealGrill

A RealGrill

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I voted to merge all of them into one. I can foresee some Jmods feeling left out if they don't have a thread devoted to them, and I think it'd be more fun if it was merged. We'd see some interaction from Jmods who weren't able to take part before!

30-Apr-2015 16:03:24

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I think there's still popularity in select individual counting threads, however it's only really fair if the JMod actually wants to take part. Personally I don't mind if they continue to exist or if they go. Perhaps the JMods can provide input to these too? They're important players too, after all ;)

There are a couple of Count to X before a JMod threads around the forums, such as the RSC count to 500 thread, although perhaps the count to 50 before a mod posts would suffice for this section? Otherwise I think it would just create a duplicate because JMods can already use the existing sticky :)

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30-Apr-2015 16:04:22

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I agree, there should only be one of these counting threads. I like to see a variety of forum games and not just a lot of counting. Although, having one thread could give JMods an advantage and players will never win! :P
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30-Apr-2015 16:06:39



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Ban them. Being fair and consistent is important. Although it's not necessarily bad that some people make threads for their favourite Jmods, allowing them means everyone is allowed to do the same. That would be too spammy.
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30-Apr-2015 16:24:23

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