A License of Veneries

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Lil Trout

Lil Trout

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I've recently become interested in veneries, which are unscientific yet popular terms used by hunters and writers to refer to groups of living things, primarily groups of animals.

Flock is a scientific term that refers to a group of birds, but a flock of crows is called a murder, which is wholly a term of venery.

Animals have veneries, but monsters typically don't. The aim of this game is not to win or lose, there's no point-taking or point of reset. The point of the game is just to make up new veneries for monsters in RuneScape.

There's only one rule: Veneries are based on observations of the actions of the subject, and therefore you should use veneries that reflect the behavior of the subject.

For example: "A legion of imps is a prank."

Your turn. :)
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